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How do you ride a KTM SuperMoto T ?


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A little background :

The company I work for is international and the bike riders from the various European offices have a get together each year.

This year it's in Austria. It's a bit too far to go there and back in a weekend without hours of boring motorway so a few of us are flying to Munich, picking up KTMs and then riding down.

I took some advice from a pal who's had a chunk of KTMs and from the range chose a SuperMoto T. Seems to be fun and great for the miles we'll be doing.

But how do you ride one?!? I'm coming from Sports / Sports-Tourers with IL4 to a twin SuperMoto.

Any advice? +++

Here's the routes if you're interested :

Friday - Munich to Hotel

Basler Straße to Alpenhof, Brandseitweg 18, 6365 Kirchberg in Tirol, Austria - Google Maps

Saturday - organisted ride out

Kirchberg in Tirol, Austria to Kirchberg in Tirol, Austria - Google Maps

Sunday - Hotel to Munich

B170 to A95 - Google Maps

I can't wait! :cool:

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That looks like a great trip - best advice is ride at you're own pace not other peoples. Chances are you wont keep up with these guys if they ride these roads on these bikes regularly so relax and enjoy the ride. You'll get the hang of the bike.

Full report and pics are expected :)

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I'll def ride within my abilities. I'm sure it'll take a few miles to get used to the twin. I've only ever ridden one other twin (GS1200) and that was only around 45mins.

The Friday and Sunday will be with people on hire bikes and we're all trying somethign new to us. Once Friday's done with we should be fine.

I was just wondering is there was any tips for riding a SM but as you say I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon enough.

Report and pics in a couple of weeks ;)

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