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A6 avant parking sensors


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Hi Guys,

i guess that one of my parking sensors has packed in but how do i know which one it is and is it easy to replace.

I am totally useless with cars {can drive them and put fuel in them} but am willing to give it a go and any help would be very much appreciated.

My Car: 2003 A6 2.5 Quattro TDI Avant Auto

Any advice would be great, even a part number

Regards, Kevin.

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A guy with exactly the same problem found me listed somewhere as having VAG-COM/VCDS.

I met up with him, plugged in the PC and ran the diags. It told us which one.

He then bought one from Audi, removed the rear bumber, swapped out the faulty one and replaced it and refitted the bumper himself.

What would have been hours at Audi rates was done for just a few quid.

p.s. That's one of the reasons put their location in their information... nudge nudge ;)

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On my A6 (4f/C6)... before I bought VCDS... I found info on the web, that if you put your ear to each PDC sensor the one's which makes a clicking noise are working the one's which are silent do not work...

On mine I just put car in reverse, engine does not need to be started, just ignition need to be in last position before engine start initiate...

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