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Subaru Cuts Price of WRX STI by £6,000, Presents New 335hp Version


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Subaru's British arm is feeling generous these days as the company has just slashed the price of the base WRX STI model by a whopping £6,000 to £26,995. At this price point, the 296bhp (300PS) 2.5-liter turbocharged WRX STI costs £2,000 more than the base trim-level BRZ SE and only £500 more than BRZ Lux edition with a manual gearbox.

Furthermore, Subaru also announced the availability of a new edition called WRX STI 340R that can be had in the form of an upgrade package in the likes of the 320R (with 316bhp / 320PS and 450 Nm), which was first launched to market last year.

The package costs £1,599 and through the use of different ECU settings and a sports exhaust system, it lifts the 2.5-liter boxer engine's output to 335hp (340PS) and peak torque to 490Nm (361 lb-ft).

According to the automaker, the 340R will accelerate from standstill to 60mph (96km/h) in 4.7 seconds, an improvement of 0.5 seconds over the standard WRX STI, while Subaru also lays claim to stronger in-gear acceleration as a result of the improved torque.

As with the 320R, the 340R can be applied retroactively without affecting a car’s warranty.

“The 340R power upgrade turns our most performance-oriented model into one of the most rapid and charismatic cars available in the UK,” said Darren James, Managing Director of Subaru UK. The WRX STI was already an exciting car, but improved power and torque, as well as the unmistakeable Subaru exhaust note, make the car even more tempting.”

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