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Brake Pads - See Pic


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Hi Guys,

Thanks in anticipation for any advice people can offer on this...I have just had some new discs and pads fitted to my car as per my nightmare Kwik-Fit writeup and wondered if anyone could offer any illumination on the below...

My brake pads don't sit flush against the brake discs, they are at an angle which is so wide I can insert my sunglasses arm inbetween the pads and the discs, see below pic:


See the reflection of the pad in the disc, is this normal?



A pic with the arm of my sunglasses between the disc and the pad.

Is this perfectly normal or is only about 5% of my brake pad in contact with the disc?? :confused:


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The edges of the pad are chamfered so not as thick as the main face of the pad, this helps stop the brakes squealing and squeaking, once the pads are worn down a bit the edges will come in contact with the disc.

I assume you can't get your sunglasses all the way between the pad and the disc? just in at the edge?

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If you look at this pic


You can see what I mean that the edges are not as thick as the middle, I've no idea what car that pad is off but it was the best example pic I could find.

So if you're looking from the side when fitted, it looks like the pad isn't in contact with the disc.

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