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Anyone use giffgaff mobile network? Know it runs on the 02 network, so all good there as i've been with 02 for years.

Paying £20.42 a month for a simplicity tariff for iphone that i've had a while now [unlimited data blah blah].

But as i dont use the phone much for calls/texts, i'm being drawn to moving to giff, as i can get the same for £10 a month.

Seems a no brainer, unless anyone knows different??

The new iphone having a nano sim could be the major stumbling block if it does have one as it seems GG are a bit slow at producing new sims? May need to sell a kidney to get an iPhone 5 though..........................

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I know a few people happy with it.

I have heard of one person who claimed to have problems with texts going missing. I have not experienced this (wife + kids are on it).

I am still on vodafone and might just stay that way so that we have a choice of networks if coverage is patchy.

pay as you go gives giffgaff to giffgaff for free.

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