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260 bhp rcz


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260bhp from a 1.6 !

Impressive, but at what cost reliability?

Its also a company that does seem to be struggling having made a €800M loss recently, is closing production facilities, losing market share and making staff unemployed.

But I guess the Government will find money to help keep it afloat...

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What is it with these bloody things?

The front end of this just looks, well, confused...


208 GTI should be an interesting punt when that comes out soon - apparently they're trying to re-inject some of the 205-ness into it. So it'll be made of baked bean tins, coke cans, smoke like a bastard, but still be cool as feck :D

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I probably shouldn't admit it, but I actually think the RCZ is quite good looking, I'd never buy one though.

I think it's what the Audi TT should look like, instead of the boring jelly mould of blandness it's turned into.

Couldn't agree more.

The RCZ is a far superior looking car to the bland patheticness that is the TT.

I've liked them from the day one and still do. I think they're a distinctive looking car that have something so many other should have but don't - a degree of difference.

I also think they have road presence. I don't understand the criticism of them at all. If you look at the specs you get good value for money and they offer a blend of economy, cheap insurance and low maintenance costs. They might not be quick (I know, they're not) but people who buy them tend not to do so for out and out performance.

Yes a lot of saloons and company cars will outpace them very easily - but so what?

I'd like to see more manufacturers produce cars with a bit of character in the styling department and I think Peugeot have done a great job with the RCZ.

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