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Think I have a stuck calliperr!! what now??


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Guys a couple of months ago i changed the front pads and rotors on both sides as my left side had worn prematurely. Whilst changing them it was clear that there was a problem with the left side calliper as it was very stiff. I managed to changed the pads and rotors but released all wasn't good as they was a lot of dust on the left side and excess heat also. I never got round to addressing the problem and now low and behold the problem has worn my left side pad down enough to trigger the display warning!!

When winding the calliper back it did feel tight, and may have been deemed as 'stuck'

If this is the case do I need a replacement calliper or can this one be repaired/ reconditioned?? I'm novice to fixing things like this so would it be best to get a pro to have a look at the problem??? and let them fix it??

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Long term it'll be cheaper to replace the caliper, rather than have it repaired. You used to be able to buy caliper seal sets, but they're bloody hard to find now.

If it's sticking, it'll likely be oxidisation inside the caliper - you've got a steel piston and an alloy cylinder.

You'll find reconditioned calipers on fleabay for pretty much anything - make sure you get one with at least 12 months warranty.

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