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New F1 Safety Car: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT


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Mercedes-Benz has upgraded its F1 Safety Car replacing the SLS AMG with the newer SLS AMG GT. The GT evolution of the gull-wing model made its first appearance in a race situation at this month's 2012 Formula 1 Shell Belgian Grand Prix and will also be deployed at the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix.

The GT model comes with improved driving dynamics, better on-track performance, a 20Hp boost for a total of 583hp from its 6.2-litre V8 and new design features such as the darkened headlamps and taillights and the grille finish.

The changes over the regular production model are kept to a minimum and include a specially developed and more sonorous rear silencer, F1 decals, safety lights on the rear window, bucket seats with six-point seat belts, two central screens that allow the driver and co-pilot to monitor the progress of the race and a radio system to communicate with the organizers.





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Thanks, Andy! +++

DC delivered a nice review. It's a very nice car and sounds absolutely glorious :notworthy: I always listen out for that low exhaust music when the Safety Car is out on F1 races.

For Mika's vid I took your advice and pumped up the bass on my studio mixer and also switched the Mackie 400w stage monitor into the mix!

Mika smiles so much more than Kimi doesn't he! I also, as always, enjoyed the smiling babes. It's only Rock-n-Roll but I like it! +++

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