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You're not singing anymore!


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Oh feck off! You jammy barstewards! Robbed blind by the bloody ref. Don't EVER tell me we get the rub of the green! Two penalties, one a bloody stonewaller - both turned down.

Absolutely livid with that performance from Hoy. Oh and a goal ruled offside that looked bloody level to me!!!

You should be hiding with embarassment at stealing 3 points like that!

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He's right. Spurs wasted masses of time and when the physio came on the pitch that was 3-4 minutes alone.

Fact is that Chris Hoy had a mare. United were robbed blind but all the supporters of no-hoper and 'occasional win' teams (like Spurs, Newcastle United etc) have something to feel happy about now.:grin:

It won't last.:finger:

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Paul Scholes made 146 completed passes, for an old boy that is impressive. :notworthy:

Shame on the rest of the team by not picking up on his example.

Supporters can lambaste the ref for wrong decisions, but hey maybe if the team had played a better game then the result would have been different.

Lacklustre and should be better is the report headline for Man Utd training sessions this week. The yids were good and deserved the result, but don't get carried away boys it was but a blip in the matrix. You won't get CL qualification (again).

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