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Old American cars


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Mook's car wash thread with the bikini clad lady and old US muscle car got me thinking about old US cars.

Some are stunning and some are simply hideous (mainly from the 70's).

The ones I would really like are these below.

For some reason, I really, really like the 1966 - 68 era Continentals:-


Also, Ice Cube's green job. I don't know what it is though - Convair or Bel-air??

post-4326-13791448786_thumb.jpg I don't even know why I like it, just do!

Anyway, that's my secret fetish confession for the year. ;)




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I like that kind of thing, I worked in Bristol for 6 months many years ago and there was a pub a mile or so from the premier inn and a couple of times I went there there were meets for hot rods and the like there were loads of those that had complete overhauls, massive american lumps in, huge wheels. Looked quite impressive. +++

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I like American stuff too, I will own an American vehicle one day, I know what I want and I will get one, wont appeal to most on here though!

This gets spotted around locally quite often, I think it's kinda cool-


Is that not 'Mater out of the movie Cars?

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Mater is based on an Old American Brand IH. These in average condition seem to be sub $10k, but I know a lot of the IH stuff in more recent years prior to their sell out was quite inferior technically compared to ford and chevrolet.

The truck in teh Driver if I remember was a Chevy c10, which shortbed and stepside varients from the 60s will cost you around $15k

I'd love a truck as well, for semi -modern I like the Ford they use in American Pie - which I think was a mid 80's Bronco with removable top and second row of seats (but not a crew cab). Otherwise for me it would have to be something similar to the picture above, mid-50's step side.

Then again anyone remember the pick up that Stalone had in the expendables? West Coast Customs Ford F100.

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