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Up/down adjustment on right mirror not working


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I am having problems with adjusting the mirror on my 2005.5 B7. Sideways adjustment works fine, but up and down does not. Nothing happening with the motor. I pulled both mirrors apart, and moved the motor assembly from the right mirror over to the left mirror, and it worked just fine (what a shame, since that would have been an easy fix). I dug up the Fluke and on the left side measuring between red and white gives me +/-12V in both directions, between brown/white and red and brown/white and white it gives me +/-12V in only one direction. On the right side though, I am getting +/-12V between red and white, but on the other two combinations I am getting some unstable values at around 7.5V.

Anyone got any clue? Can the switch work fine on one side, and not on the other? Is there a control box in the door that could be faulty? Any suggestions?

(PS: I am NOT skilled in electrics..)

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