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Donington II - The Sequel


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I'm back at Donington!

Having left here in July without a car and without any race finishes, I'm back again for an optional end-of-season jolly. We're running in two races tomorrow, if (emphasise the if) I finish both then I will have the all-important six signatures to upgrade my race licence.

That's one reason for being here. The other is that I have unfinished business here. Specifically, I would like to finish a race lap... :grin:

I'm kipping nearby tonight so that I can be here fresh & early for scrutineering at 8 and quali at 9:30; the races are then in the afternoon. For now, I'm settling down at Old Hairpin to watch the night quali prior to some Mini racing in the dark.

The sky is blue, fingers crossed for tomorrow!



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Staying nearby ? You could have dropped me a line, I was about 2 miles away on a boat with friends on the Trent, you would have been welcome to join us !

Ta +++ I need to do my zen-like racing-driver mind games in order to prepare my spirit for the forthcoming challenge. Or something. Also, QI is on Dave. :roflmao:

See you tomorrow.

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Race 1:

Gridded at 30th of 36, a decent start was followed by an optimistic approach to the first corner (Redgate) which put me sideways with the rear in the gravel... somehow I collected it all up, I have no idea how, and rejoined in last place.

So I had my work cut out, working hard got me past quite a few. According to TDK, I reached 25th before an ill-advised but very optimistic late-braking overtake on the inside at the Esses took me off again. Fussing with the engine immobiliser (which had tripped) meant I rejoined... in last place, this time by quite a margin.

Or so I thought. A last lap tussle meant another off at (wait for it) the Esses (what is it with me and that corner??) and then we had the flag.

Huge, massive fun. You know you've fought hard when you have to empty the gravel out of your passenger footwell.

Video to follow, hopefully +++

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