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RNS-E retrofit issues in B5 RS4...

Marc R

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Hi Guys I have some troubles getting my RNS-E to work properly in my RS4 B5, i was kinda hoping you could help me out here...

I know this has been done a lot of times with some slight things that don't work 100% like the "clock issue" but my retrofit doesn't seem to work ok at all.

I got the plug and play harness from ebay and bridged the can signals @ the TMC box under the dash,so far so good.

Next thing i did was coding the RNS-E expecting it to work ok, but no luck.

The RNS-E doesn't start up but I hear it trying to,now when i remove the plug which contains the can signals and I press the on-off swich it start up without asking for a code with a very faint sound from the front left speaker,after it has started up and I reconnect the can signal plug it seems to work ok.

If i switch on the lights of the car , the lights of the RNS-E do not light up.

Also the RNS-E doesnt react to the ignition on of off...

Does anybody recognise these "symptoms" ?

I would really like to get it to work properly.

TIA for the input.

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