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2013 BMW 4 Series F32 Coupe


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The F30-generation of BMW's popular 3-Series Coupe, which from what we have heard, will likely be renamed to the 4-Series, has been caught out in the open wearing very little camouflage - at least when compared to previous prototypes.

Compared to the current E92 3 Series coupe, the F32 features a sleeker roofline with a more fastback shaped tail end (though not nearly as dramatic as something like the Audi A7). The rear quarter windows have been elongated and end beautifully a more angular and sleeker hofmeister kink. See the comparison photo below between the F32 and E92 side profiles.

The most prominent styling embellishment visible so far is the front quarter panel vent, which not only adds a sporty visual flair, but also appears to be an actual functional vent. The F32 shares the same side mirrors as the F30.

This is a 435i (or 440i) Sport Line model and the visible parts of the front bumper show differences from the F30 Sport Line front bumper. There is a more prominent center U shaped trim piece which dips down from the inside of the air vents and forms a prominent lip below the license plate area. It also looks to be either black or carbon fiber. We've circled it in a close up image below.

As for the kidney grilles, we have already seen what shape the F32's kidney grilles will take (see previous spy photo). They will be wider and sleeker shaped compared to the F30 sedan. The headlights are expected to be a sleeker version of the F30 headlights, and also connecting with the grilles, as on the F30.

This car wears 19" M Sport Wheels (Style 403M) and runs 225 tires up front with 255 rear tires. The F32 435i/440i's brakes match that of the F30 335i - fixed M Sport calipers in front (4 piston) and floating rear calipers (1 piston).


The 428i Coupe and Convertible will be powered by the same 2.0L twin turbo inline 4 as the F30, but the 435i (or 440i) may very well usher in the successor to the current N55 twin turbo inline 6 engine. Both engines will be available with either a manual transmission or 8-speed automatic, and both should also be available with xDrive.


The F32 4 Series Coupe will begin production in July 2013 and the F33 Convertible's production will follow in November 2013. A concept 4 Series is reportedly headed for the 2013 Detroit Auto Show in January.


The 4 Series is the coupe variant to the current F30 3 Series sedan. There will no longer be a "3 Series Coupe" model. It should be positioned and priced in lineup just as the 6 Series Coupe is positioned in the 5/6 Series lineup.

Joining the F32 4 Series coupe and F33 4 Series convertible will be a four door "coupe" styled variant to be called 4 Series Gran Coupe (the F36) which should be positioned and priced in lineup just as the 6 Series Gran Coupe is positioned in the 5/6 Series lineup. See our recent spy photos of the F36.

There will be an M4 (F82) version based off the 4 Series coupe and there will also surely be M Performance Automobiles spawned off the F30 3 Series and F32 4 Series lineups (in the form of M335i, M435i, M340i, or M440i, etc..)

With the introduction of these models, the following will be the future 3/4 Series:


F30 = 3 Series Sedan

F31 = 3 Series Touring

F32 = 4 Series Coupe

F33 = 4 Series Convertible

F34 = 3 Series GT

F35 = 3 Series Li (Long Wheelbase)

F36 = 4 Series Gran Coupe








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It will sell by more than the bucket load.

Audi and Merc will have to pull out all the stops, as that looks good and that's ME saying it!

It looks chunky in a way the current 3 coupe never could, but which the A5 does so well.

However, BMW seem to be following Audi in the family looks department. The new 3 looks like the current 5. This new 3 Cou.......... sorry 4, looks like a 6.

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