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Mclaren P1


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The power-to-weight ratio will be more than 600bhp per tonne.

McLaren has said it is not interested in making the world’s fastest or most powerful production car. Instead, it wants to make “the best driver’s car in the world”.

So that's why they've made it with a higher power to weight ratio than the Veyron ;)

Anyone lend me £700-800k. You'll get it back. Honest... :D

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At the presentation, a McLaren spokesperson said:

"This car is a production car. This is 97 percent of the car that you will be able to order. The only thing that we will add are some vents to the bumper to get some of the warm air from the radiator coming out from the side".

He later added that the mesh grille at the end of the P1 will also be replaced with a tighter but still see-through mesh design.

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You'd think the auto-dimming rear view mirror would be standard? nope, to heavy.

The latest visuals from McLaren concern the P1's carbon-fiber cockpit, which the automaker describes as being "fully focused on the driver, and is clear from clutter and distraction".

Unlike the P1's spiritual predecessor, the F1, which featured a 1+2 seating layout with the driver positioned in the center, McLaren's new hypercar has a traditional two-seat configuration.

The design is purposely minimalistic with McLaren stating that it "feels like the cockpit of a fighter jet", though, it certainly looks like it lacks the styling finesse of Italian supercars.

Most parts of the interior are made from lightweight carbon-fiber, including the dashboard, floor, headlining, doors, rockers and the flowing central control unit.

"Attention to detail within the interior of the McLaren P1 is such that, to further reduce weight, the top layer of resin has been removed, to leave the carbon non-lacquered for a more natural look…and saves a further 1.5kg [3.3 pounds]," said the Woking-based company.

McLaren chose to skip on the trim and even sound deadening materials and carpet (though, it will be offered as an option…) to optimize weight saving even further. The sport seat backs are fixed to 28 degrees from the vertical, but can be set to 32 degrees, while the height will be custom set to suit the driver and passenger – but, only at Mclaren's workshop.






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When do deliveries start of this thing? We often see MP4-12Cs going past the window here at work (saw two in tandem earlier) so am looking forward to one of these things going past.

I'll call an obvious point now - that thing is going to cream the Top Gear fast lap board. I reckon sub 1:10.

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