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loss of power


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hi new to the site and looking for some advice.

i have 2002 golf tdi 130 and when im on a long journey after about 20/30 miles it goes into limp home mode.

ive change the air mass meter, and a valve on the bulkhead, but its still playing up. ive been told it needs a decoke by one guy and a new turbo by someone else. it only does 3000 miles a year i dont think this is helping. so before i start paying out can anyone shine any light on this cheers rick sorry forgot to say on the computer it says its over boosting again any help would be great

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Hi ya!

Welcome to TSN!

You might need to clean out the inlet manifold and EGR valve.

If you are handy with DIY, you can do this yourself using Wynn's Carb Cleaner. Have a search on here for 'cleaning EGR' and you'll find more info.

Also, when you change the Air Mass Meter, did you change it for a proper Bosch job? If not, change it again for the Bosch one. When it comes to MAFs, accept no substitutes.

Hope that helps!

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