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Roberto Di Matteo - sacked!


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which would be a real shame, because I think Arsenal should make Arsene director of football operations and give Pep the Arsenal managers job :):o

That would be a thing of beauty, but never going to happen. I think Pep likes to spend a few quid.

Giardiola wanted a year's sabbatical, it's been 6 months. Talk of bringing an interim manager sounds crazy to me. Why not let Di Matteo stay in the post if you're still going to have a change in another 6 months time?

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I suppose Guardiola could agree to curtail his sabbatical, given the sure knowledge he'll be able to resume it in 6 months time.

I'm quite glad Di Matteo has gone. I quite like him. Now I can revert to absolute, unmitigated revulsion at Chelsea FC and everything about them.

Especially if they employ the Fat Spanish Waiter... :roflmao:

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Their fans sounded over the moon on Five Live last night and today, really can't understand the point in this, I can only assume that he thinks he'll get the best out of Torres. Fact.

Torres was/is a bigger investment than all of the managers wages & severence pay put together!

Also, Torres and Benetiz get on very well, with Torres saying Benetiz made him a better player all that time ago.

We'll see if that can be repeated.....

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