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Coca-Cola set to sponsor leading team


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Coca-Cola set to enter F1 with a leading team - F1 news - AUTOSPORT.com

There have been many rumours about Coca-Cola sponsoring McLaren after the massive downscaling of Vodafone's motorsport sponsorships (888 Engineering was dropped by Vodafone this year in V8SC too). McLaren seems like the best fit if we're talking "leading team". But, as mentioned in the article, what would that mean for their Lucozade sponsorship though?

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Now the Vodafone have officially announced that they're parting company with McLaren, is it Coke's time to enter F1?

I hope that it has something to do with Honda (McLaren Honda 2014 anybody?).

Was it actually posted anywhere on here about McLaren Honda working together in 2014 with the team racing in F1 in 2015?

I just searched and this thread is all I found. I don't know how I missed it but I've only just found out that Honda will be back next year! Duh!

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