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Hamilton vs Button


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Poles: Hamilton 8 - 1 Button

Wins: Hamilton 10 - 8 Button

Fastest Laps: Hamilton 9 - 6 Button

Points: Hamilton 657 - 672 Button

Personally I didn't rate Button before he went to McLaren and didn't think it would work out form him as I thought Hamilton would show him a clean pair of heels.

I'm happy to admit I was wrong however I still think he was overrated prior to joining McLaren even although he did win the WDC.

I think he is has a good shot at the championship next year along with Alonso, Vettel and Kimi

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Hare and tortoise springs to mind.

I think JB is the most intelligent racer out there, whilst Hamilton is one of the fastest.

What LH needs to learn is that sometimes it's better to bring the car home in the points, rather than 'win or bust'.

Kimi grabbed 3rd in the title race by being Mr Consistent all season. There's a lesson for all there.

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This season Hamilton has outperformed Button complety in all aspects but one. The one area where Button is superior is intelligence, as has been mentioned before in this thread. For example in Brazil, when Lewis overtook him and started fighting with Hulkenberg, Button appeared to deliberately sit back to let them trip over each other and the win was handed to him on a plate. This is something that Lewis doesn't do.

The problem with button is that he will rarely win against Hamilton in a straight fight as he is slower.

Button has not been the luckiest but Hamilton's season reads like a comedy:

Singapore - 1st place, mechanical dnf

Abu Dhabi - 1st place, mechanical dnf

Brazil - 1st place, Hulkenberg spun into him (understandable under the conditions)

Spa - taken out by grosjean

Spain - taken out by Maldonado from 3rd position

Germany - flat tyre from Massa's smashed front wing, dnf

Bagrain - back of grid I think as no fuel left

korea - roll bar failure

Japan - shock failure

Plus a fair few pit stop errors early season before the team improved.

After those errors, the fact that he still beat Button this season is impressive. Also hamilton won 2 out of 3 seasons which is probably the most important stat for the in house driver battle.

Jenson is the cooler of the two though I think.

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Veracocha, whilst you make some fair points, it's not like JB has had a season without issues.

Austin GP - qualifying breakdown, keeping him from a top 4 grid position - and he went very well in the race, so who is to say LH would have won?

Bahrain - exhaust issue.

Italy - fuel starvation.

Japan - Gearbox penalty.

Korean - Kobycrashi took him out.

Malaysia - Collision with a driver who really doesn't deserve a Super Licence.

So it's all swings and roundabouts - you can't even take position on retirement to be a suitable measure, either, as both race to very different strategies, which often means JB will be untouchable during the later stages of a race.

They've rarely been in true head to head battles - but when they have, it has largely been honours even over the 3 seasons.

It's too close to call - JB was 2nd in the title race last year, whilst LH has had 2 x 4th places in their time together.

Next year will be very interesting, as I think we'll see a McLaren that's truly set up to favour JB - rather than being a compromise. (We all know that LH works his tyres harder than JB, who struggled throughout the middle of the season to get any heat into them). With Perez also being a smooth driver, I think we'll see a very strong McLaren challenging for the titles.

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