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VW BORA 115bhp 2000 W - Engine stalls when slowing down. Then hard to start again.


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Hi, I'm new on here and would really appreciate some advice.

My VW Bora 115bhp 2000(w reg) 1.9l keeps cutting out/stalling when i slow down or come to a stop. When i take my foot off the accelerator the revs go right down and cuts out. This doesn't always happen, it will just tick over, but not for very long. I have been having to take it out of gear when slowing down and use my left foot to brake whilst keeping the revs up with my right. I only drive when really necessary, as i obviously don't want to cause a crash. My alternative is that the engine cuts out, sometimes whilst going 30-40 and if i have to slow down, the engine cuts out and is hard to steer.

When it cuts out it is very hard to start again, and usually results in the battery draining completely. Then i have to get someone to come out and jump start me (but still takes a while to get started). - Though if i leave the car for a while (maybe an hour, give or take, etc), it will start straight away (usually - 8 out of 10 times).

This has only happened over the last several days. It would sometimes happen when really low on fuel ( i have run out of diesel several times over the last few months), but seems to have gotten to this point recently even with a quarter tank (unemployed at the mo, so can't fill it up, but need it running as i start a new job in a week or 2).

I have put a new fuel filter on, but no joy.

I have looked on here, as well as elsewhere, but can't find an exact answer. Similar problems, but not exact.

I have read that it could be the 109 relay or possibly the Fuel pump (going to test it tomorrow to see if it makes a noise whilst starting the car - But it revs up ok, so don't think its the pump). Jets blocked?

I'm not very good with the engine side of cars anymore, most other diy jobs i manage to fix.

As long as i keep the revs up above 1k it is ok, but when i take my foot off the accelerator it usually cuts out. (if i leave it ticking over its ok, but sometimes cuts out - this varies in time)

Would it have anything to do with it getting colder lately? Or is that just a coincidence?

I get NO back fires.

Do i need to get diagnostics read?

I have little money at the moment either.

*Feel free to ask any questions.

Appreciate any help.



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Hi Garry.

Hmmm, I would try cleaning the MAF. It sits on the end of the air filter housing.

Remove the engine cover, unscrew the air pipe and unclip the MAF connector lead. Take it out and you will see the MAF housing inside. Use Wynn's Carb Cleaner and a cotton bud. Spray the stuff in and clean it GENTLY!!! Let the stuff dry out and then shove it all back together.

Also check all the vacuum and turbo pipes to see if they are OK. Replace if they don't reform immediately.

Worth a go?

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I had this problem where the engine would cut out on me after starting then it would continue to misfire for a while before eventually starting up. Then, when emerging off it would be fine but as soon as I slow down (at a junction or whatever), it would cut out again. It's not likely to be glo plugs as the car actually starts. I suggested to my mechanic that it night be the speed (crank shaft) sensor or the coolant (temperature) sensor but he said the codes would show up on the diagnostic.


Then we discussed whether or not it might be the air flow meter until I mentioned that the short humming sound just when you turn the key half way was no longer there. He was more or less sure that it is fuel pump related, be it an electrical relay or the actual pump itself. Changed the fuel pump and so far, seems to be working OK...will keep y'all posted.


A word of advice that I never knew but might be obvious to you all - that running the car on low fuel (less than 1/4 tank) knackers the fuel pump in the long run. Hey-ho!

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Hi Glconnor1,


Nice to read the simple solution, 


Do you recall the error you saw when dumping the ECU error log?


did you use a VAG-COM like this:




this is the one I have and is about that price.


I have search a lot finding a resolution and you are the first one that somes up with a solution that sounds very logically.


Did you have the problem that the revs went down to 500 rpm some of the time?


Thanks for sharing!



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