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How about a TSN loan/courtesy fleet


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of Saabs?

For when bad 'things' happen to TSN'ers cars?

The last Saabs to roll off the production line at Trollhätten, including the unreleased 9-5 estate, have been put up for sale through an online auction.

The sale has been ordered by Saab’s receivers, with 68 cars in total going under the hammer. The most unusual of the lots are the 18 9-5 SportCombis, the estate 9-5 that never made it into showrooms. Only 30 were built.

Some 29 of the 54 facelifted 2012 model 9-5 saloons that were built but never went on sale are also in the auction, along with 10 9-4Xs and the last 9-5 saloon ever built. The company car of Victor Muller, who bought Saab in 2011, is in the sale – it’s a 9-5 Aero V6.

Poignantly, the sale includes the two Independence Edition 9-3 Cabriolets, a limited edition that was built to mark Saab's first year as an independent manufacturer. Only 38 were built before production at Trollhätten was shut down.

Not all the cars are factory-fresh – many have been used as test hacks or company runabouts and will need mechanical and bodywork repairs.

Auctioneers KVD Kvarndammen will run the auction until December 16. All the cars are available to view in Sweden.

Anybody available to view in Sweden?





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