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I have an audi a4 b7 model with standard headlights....i have done a lot of research but cant seem to find relevant information regarding this...

i would simply like my fog lights and sidelights to turn on as i lock/ unlock the car similar to what mercedes have as standard...i dnt have auto lights or anything but im not fussed if it comes on in the day aswell...is there anyone available that can do this for me?

hope someone can help


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My Skoda didn't have auto lights or a light sensor? You just gave the lights a flash and they'd come on for 30 seconds.

Maybe i'm misunderstanding something here, but you just want the lights to come on for a short while whilst you get out of the car and walk to your front door or whatever?

Surely if the Skoda did it without any hardware, the Audi should too if the coding is correct?

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Every car I've had in the last ten years, Fords, Skoda's etc, has this function, after you turn the lights and engine off, flash the headlights, when you open the door, the lights come on for a minute or so.

I would imagine an Audi would be the same, given the Skoda did it.

It's a pity the sensor on my drivers door doesn't work, otherwise this would be great!

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