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Lexus LS super barge!


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Some will think 'WTF', some 'why?' and others will think 'I'll buy one!'

Which boat is the TSN massive in?

Toyota's motorsport division has turned a Lexus LS into a road racer for the Essen Motor Show in December.

Based on an LS460, the TMG Sports 650 gets the bigger V8 from the LS600, and a big increase in power and torque. A standard LS460 puts out 382 bhp and 363 lb ft – the TMG Sports 650 develops 641 bhp and 564 lb ft.

The V8 has been uprated with a pair of turbos and the redline has been raised to 7450rpm, to give the Lexus a claimed 0-62 mph time of 3.9 sec and a top speed of 198 mph. To match the car’s acceleration potential, the brakes are carbon ceramic, with 20-inch wheels and 345/30 tyres at the rear.

Major modifications to the body include carbon sill skirts and a new rear diffuser.







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