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2002 passat 2.0 Se Petrol blocked plenum drain now have engine problems


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Hi Guy's woke up after a heavy nights rain went to start my car only to be met by a lot of white smoke coming from the exhaust and the engine running a little rough very sluggish pulling away. Popped the bonnet lifted up the battery cover only to be greeted by about 4 inches of water I noticed that my clock was no longer showing the correct time and my ESP button would not hold in . Have now took the car in to my local garage but they seem stumped at the moment, all diagnostics point to the engine speed sensor which they have replaced to no avail, said the car runs better without it in. They have done some compression checks and even had the ECU out to check it for water damage, they told me there is no evidence of any water damage to it. The mechanic has told me mechanically the engine is sound, any ideas Guy's

Cheers Gordon

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Good evening all...........I'm back for a while popping in now and again. Go to my thread about plenum chamber drains........it should have had a recall!!!!!! if it hasnt then you one of many in the network that still have not had this done and yes it will suck the water in through the servo and into your engine. hence boooom. I hope you have some luck. There should be a recall sticker in the boot next to the PR code sticker or somewhere close......


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