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2013 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo - Pics


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I like it might be something to change to from my dull exec saloon. The practicality of a hatch would be nice I have to say.

They are meant to be using this same wheel base on a 4 series coupe to create a 4dr like they have with the 6 series Granturismo apparently.

As for the execs only wanting saloons, they don't always get it right do they...!

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Eh? What?

They're going to make a 'CC' type thing based on the 4-series coupe platform, which is a mildly stretched 3-series platform?

Talk about going for the niche! - they'll have more niche models than Mercedes at this rate.

'It's a saloon version of the coupe version of hatchback version of the saloon'

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BMW dont seem to be able to do the 5 door shape very well they all look a bit ungainly to me, I find it strange that audi and bmw are going into the 5 door hatch market just as the likes of mazda6, honda accord and toyota navensis are all only offering there family cars as saloon or estate models, all of them where good sellers as hatchbacks in the uk and europe

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more pics from the show:

I think all the GT models look like dogsh1t. Just get a touring FFS

I agree, nevertheless it's actually more functional and spacious than the 3 Series touring, thanks to an extra 4.3 inches of wheelbase, 7.9 inches of length and 3.2 inches of height, the 3GT offers more space for rear passengers and one more cubic foot of storage overall.





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