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Borrowed this for a few hours yesterday afternoon...


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Thorburn, I wouldn't post vids of driving like that on public roads myself, just saying ;)

Wide angle makes it look quicker than it was - it was up a very steep hill and topped out around 75-80mph in a straight line so hardly taking the piss.

That and the speedo will over read, I'm pretty sure I actually wasn't even moving Officer.

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I remember you literally eating my gravel a day or so after you'd disappeared off into the distance over the Duke's Pass... :grin:

(Ooops... :uhoh: )

Eh? I don't remember literally eating gravel? :confused:

Just my 2p;

I enjoyed that, although it was too long, but I do have a short attention span. Also, you sound like you're reading a script (which you probably were, to be fair) as opposed to chatting to friends (us !).

Good work though, lets see more like this +++

Both fair points. I contemplated dropping Trevor's section to shorten it overall, but didn't really seem fair on him.

Was indeed reading from a script (although I'd written it as well, so shouldn't have been too much of a struggle), the voiceover was the bit I was most nervous about and I ended up going out and buying a proper mic, stand and pop guard arrangement and re-recording it all last night as the first pass on it all was, frankly, crap. Certainly an area that I could improve on though.

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