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BMW 320d M Sport


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Hi, I've been over on the VW GTI forum for a bit although lurking rather than posting in recent months. I no longer have the GTI, instead I've upgraded to a MB CLK Cabrio AMG and now a 2010 BMW 320d M Sport as my daily drive. Picked it up last Saturday from the stealer, so as the weather was fine enough today I managed to give it a detail.

Have a range of products,, but today went a bit old school and opted for Auto Glym shampoo / Ultra Deep Shine / Ultra Gloss Protection / Meguiers Tyre Gel / Auto Glym Leather Cleaner.

Took a lot of advice from the BMW forum before buying it, so thought I would post a pic as a way of saying thanks!

Thanks for looking.


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Well the GTI was a definite favourite car, although it was followed by a few £1,000 wrecks for parking at the train station! The CLK mostly lives in the garage waiting for the sun. Went for the BMW based on economy, and have to say I am very pleased. Feels a bit like the GTI in terms of ride and handling, although the BMW clearly has the edge. So far - love it!

But black cars are a hobby, not a colour! So will be spending plenty of time washing and waxing over the coming months no doubt - armed with info from the Cleaning forum as ever! Enjoyed reading your review of yours, BTW!

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