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Goodbye & hello


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Done the deed yesterday.

Goodbye -


The waft ability will be sorely missed. The required upcoming timing belt change won't be, the needed new tyres won't be neither. But the smooooooth as feck auto gear changes will be VERY missed, the ride, the quietness, the speed and the V6 twin turbo sound also missed. The fuel consumption won't be missed, but where there's pleasure.......... :grin:



So far, so good.

Stuck indoors for now, but wifey should take it for a spin later. Get some Miller's petrol stuff for it, and some V-Power.

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There's a chap up the road from me with a blue Manta GTE saloon, always preferred the hatch myself, but it still looks great.

I have a secret desire to own a mk1 Astra GTE with a more modern powerplant, my nephew is currently building a Corsa with a 2.0 16v red top engine, that's going to be a very quick little car, I suspect it'll either get crashed very quickly, or impounded by the police.

But it's handy to know someone who could do the job for me!

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I bought some wheels of a bloke who had a Corsa with a Calibra Turbo C20LET engine in it. Mental!

He thought about putting the C20LET in it, but decided the N/A C20LE would be more practical for getting the power down, and lighter without the turbo and all the other gubbins, I can see his point, and lets face it, a stripped out Corsa with a 2.0 16v is going to shift.

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