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B-reg Audi 80 CC


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They kept changing the engines!!!

Original Sport's has the 5 pot, then a 4 pot :(. They then renamed the models and back came the 5 pot. Only to be replaced by a 4 pot and the 5 pot went into the new 90.

The new rounded 80 & 90 then got the 5 pot too. The 5 -pot and 90 were dropped when the first V6 appeared.


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Thanks Ian -- but I wouldn't call it concours by a long shot - very tidy though.

Like all these things I ended up spending more money than I should - but you get so far into it and then it seems daft not to do this and this and that.......

I still really enjoy driving it, and you have to think about braking points ( and it's got better front brakes on ) and it can be a bit raucous but it's fairly quiet on the motorway.

jimdiesel's correct. No B2 80 Sport ever had 5 cylinders, CD yes, with power steering and luxury interior, quattro yes,( there was a 90CD in the road behind me that used to burble by very regularly, luverly sound!

quote "Theres one in pale gold near me, guy uses it as a daily driver.

Just the same as the one in the picture. "

not a B2 Sport - as gold was never available - at least in the UK it wasn't - and from the factory.

I have seen pictures of a gold 90 quattro in the gold ( Almond?? ) that was a Coupe colour. It was repainted from black, oh and was in Germany , but looked terrific.

The white one in the picture looks like Malcolm Gulliver's car ( Club Audi secretary). A picture of it even appeared in a US Forum a few years ago. He still has it.

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