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Audi A7's night vision


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I think you hit the nail in the head when you used the word 'gimmick' to be honest.

Having driven a car with this tech, I'm utterly unconvinced of it's safety benefits, and in fact I see it being more of a distraction.

The telling part of that video is that it says he achieved a top speed of 62mph, and thats a racing driver, on a deserted track that he knows very well, and will have been on the straight, yet on any of the in car shots, he's barely nudging 20mph, and even then only briefly.

It's cool tech, but until it's integrated as a head up display, in an augmented reality style, I don't see any benefit.

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Doubt it works in the real world. Tried an E350 diesel with headlamps that auto dipped when someone came towards you. If you were lucky they had dipped by the time the other car had passed you flashing their lights in anger.

Ha, yeah, my M3 is exactly the same. Useless function that doesn't work.

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