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Wiping / Starting again with an Ipod.


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I have 160gb Ipod classic which I haven't used for a while.

I had an itunes account on which all the downloads were stored, but I have no idea of the log in or password, and the laptop on which itunes was on has been returned to my old employer.

I was told that if I create a new itunes account and plug in my ipod, it will sync but all the music will be wiped from the ipod. I have no problem with this as i'm happy to reinstall it all to get the use of the ipod again...but this didnt happen. All I got was a message saying an ipod was detected, but one that wasnt connected with this itunes account.

What do I do to get the use of the ipod again, whether it is wiped or not?

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If you want to get the stuff off, have a read of my blog here. It's a doddle to do.

if you just want to wipe the unit and start again with another laptop, there's a couple of ways of doing it. Simplest way is just to select 'Restore iPod' when plugged into iTunes. Will download the latest firmware (if there is one) and wipe the unit for you.


Sorry to be pain in the ar5e, but I couldnt find how to get to this screen.

I now have all the music from the ipod on the new itunes account, so thank you for that but they arent yet recognising eachother!!

You may have noticed, i'm f'ing useless with any form of technology!!

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