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Set top recorders


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Hi, my sister is wanting to ditch Sky due to the ongoing costs etc so she has asked me (hahaha) what the best 'free' way of having the ability to series link, record, pause TV etc without the monthly cost.

I don't think she is averse to a small initial outlay to buy the box but there are also a few spec points.....

She can't have an aerial due to building constrictions and she doesn't live in a cable area.

I've found a Humax 1000 box which seems to the trick, satellite feeds etc but didn't know if anyone else has more experience??

Many thanks!!

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when she cancels sky they will offer a deal if she goes ahead and calls back the day they turn it off she will get a year half price or if she waits i have heard of people getting 6 months free with no need to keep it after the free period ends so dont spend the money right away mate

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