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Poor disk performance - Raid 5 (SBS 2003)


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I've been looking at an old SBS 2003 box and trying to work out why the disk to disk performance is poor. i.e copying a 61Gb file from 1 partition (Raid 5) to another takes 2 hours and the raid controller shows it should be at a rate of 320 MB/s. Which should be roughly 3½ minutes, unless my calculations are fubar'd!?

The box is far from state of the art - Quad Core Xeon - x86 / 2Gb RAM which is normally max'd out, so I'm guessing that disk paging will be affecting performance but not a massive about. The server runs about 20 Exchange Mailboxes / AD etc etc (standard SBS setup).

I've tried increasing Page file sizes but that not made much of a difference, would the RAID Stripe size make cause poor performance? its set at 256Kb which I assume is the out of the box setting.

Perfmon isn't showing any real queue issues....

Any ideas?

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I no doubt I'll not get the 320MB/s as you say, but the gap between that and what we are getting is vast. I'm in the process of chopping folders about but will run a bench test as it's been a year since I ran this. A colleague said they checked perfmon and this was at an average of 1 for disk queue, but will double check later on.

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