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Opinons and experiences please - Jaguar XJ X350


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I can't believe how ridiculously cheap these are, the Jag XJ6 / XJ8, the 2003-2009 X350 shape ;


The performance and fuel economy of both the V6 and V8 is pretty respectable on paper, and the previous model (X308) had a good reputation for reliability, what am I missing ? I recall some faff over panel corrosion on very early models but otherwise they seem like a steal.

Your opinions and experiences, please !

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Is the X350 the aluminium one? I seem to recall it is.

I believe the current prices reflect the fact that the bodywork is expensive to repair, and requires specialist treatment.

However, so long as you don't crash it doesn't matter.

I really hanker after and XJR, personally I wouldn't bother with anything else, to lardy and rolly poly, the XJR is a proper M5 rivalling super saloon.

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And it had something like 200 miles of fuel still in the tank.

You'll pay quite a bit more for a diesel though. If you're not planning on intergalactic miles, the petrol V6s and V8s are an absolute bargain. And if you have a decent Jaaaag specialist nearby I can't think of a single reason why not.

They great thing about the XJ retaining the basic classic shape for so long is that although in theory it should now look dated I genuinely don't think it does.

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