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I think I've just cum...


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*Claim to fame moment* I've driven one of these!

When I say driven, it was only around the yard of my mates dad's garage, but driven none the less, and feck me the clutch, steering, brakes, gearshift etc are ridiculously heavy, but I was 18, and was driving a Ferrari!

I also got taken out for a ride in it, and he did 160mph in what is now a 40 limit, but at the time was 60.

In the end, the owner couldn't live with it, it was so utterly impractical, mainly due to the ridiculously wide rear end, that he sold it, and bought a 328GTB which he crashed into a tree in the town centre (I can still see the marks on the tree all these years later) with my mate in the passenger seat, while I was passengering in said mates dad's 308GT4, that they were, um, racing a little bit.

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That Diablo looks iffy. Looks way too rounded, like a dodgy body kit.


That's better.

i was walking through Hadley Wood one day, and one like the above came towards me. Driver had the door up and was doing about 15mph talking to a cyclist. He came level with me, dropped the door and hoofed it.

Oh. My.

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I didn't like the original Testarossa but the 512TR - now that I would have. The body looks so much better being all one colour and it looks a little more polished in my opinion. the 512M was a horrible looking thing. And that 308 GT4 is fugly.

Arch - I think what you depict there is the SE 30 Jota edition. I think.

Chri5 - where in god's name did you get that picture of the Diablo - you couldn't have found a worse example to state your case (in my opinion!).

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