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[Audi A3/S3] Brake pads and audi - help!!!


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Took my car into my local audi on tues for a cambelt ever since it came back been making a funny noise, told me where road tested it and bought it back to my work a max of 10miles, had 50miles less on my range and this weird noise, wanted £100 just to look at the brake pads, anyway the guy that tok me to work ive never been with someone so wreckless, my dad thinks hes a rally driver on the road and couldnt car less what people do but he really put the wind up me, thick snow and ice, doing about 35mph upto a roundabout, about 3 cars length from roundabout realised needed to stop, swerved to not hit a car slammed brakes on and then booted the courtesey car, anyways HE bought my car back, just took it into ATS and basically the brake pads have BUBBLED! where theyve got so hot, any advice on this? bascially messed my pads up and ragged my car to hell, also what make of pads do audi use please (56 plate 2.0TFSI 200bhp A3)? all help appreciated, NOT impressed with main dealership audi!

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