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Oil light beeping, rev counter and speedo jumping?!?


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Hi basically I have an issue with my lupo, the other morning I reversed off the drive and my oil pressure light came on and 3 loud beeps, also my rev counter was either sat at 0 or jumping all over place! Since then my speedo has also been unreliable being really jumpy! The beeping and light mainly seems to come on when I brake...

Any ideas?? Checked alternator seems to be charging fine 13.9?

Any help greatful

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Well assuming the oil level and pressure are fine, then it's sounds like it's an electrical problem rather than mechanical, possibly a loose connection to the cluster, but more likely faulty cluster by the sounds of it, I've heard of the problem on other VAG cars, but never a Lupo.

I would get a scan done and see what faults come up, hopefully that will narrow it down.

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