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Win 8 Pro


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I've just upgraded from Vista to Win 8 Pro as it's only £24.99 until the end of jan, so I thought, why not?

Overall the whole process was simple and quick, and I've had no problems, Win 8 seems on the face of it, to be quite good, I like the apps style Start screen thingy and most of it seems pretty straight forward, Google Chrome restored all my links and favorites for me which was handy as I'd forgotten to note them down, however, I have a couple of questions that hopefully some of you who have been using it longer might be able to help me with.

First off, how do I close an app once I'm finished using it?

How do I get the little up, down, left, right square between the left and right 'mouse' buttons on my laptops touch pad to work again? touch pad and normal left/right buttons work fine, I just can't scroll up or down using using the little button like I could before.

How the feck do I turn the computer off?

Any other tips anyone has will be welcome, as I'm bound to stumble across things that stump me!

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There are a few ways to close the PC down. I use Windows Key + I. A screen moves in from the right with a virtual Power Button.

As far as closing applications: I always move straight to the desktop when I boot into W8 (Windows Key + D). They can be run and closed as normal then.

My parents moaned when I installed Windows 8 on their desktop, so I installed Classic Shell

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We've got a deal at work where I can buy Windows 8 Pro Upgrade for £8 and Office 2013 Pro for £9 (IIRC).

It's give away prices but I dunno if the grief is worth it. Ponder ponder ....

For that price I would (esp Office 2013 Pro!).

Sadly the NHS MS scheme has closed down. I got Office 2007 Pro for a similar price

My wife is also struggling with it on the netbook.

Start8 apparently has improved alot and is more polished that Classic Shell so might be worth a punt for a couple quid ($5)

If I install it I will feed back

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Well the only way I can find to close apps, is move the mouse to the top left corner from the start screen, then right click when the small image of the app comes up, and click close.

For some reason I hadn't thought of pressing the windows key, however, it seems to do absolutely nothing?

To shut down I seem to have to move the mouse to the top or bottom right hand corner, click 'settings' when the menu slides out, then power, then shut down.

One things for sure, it's a lot quicker at doing pretty much anything, particularly starting up and shutting down.

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