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Pristine MK


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Anyone used Pristine wheels Milton Keynes (well, Woburn) lately? I'm looking for a price guide on a plain set of 18s. +++

Badly kerbed a wheel last year, was due to buy new tyres anyway, so I had a single wheel done by them (using the spare) before putting my four new tyres on. I paid what I thought was an acceptable price for a single wheel via TT shop considering they arranged and couriered etc whilst I was in for some other work - and tracking check after my kerb interface! Finish is great. Now I'm rolling on winters I want to get the remaining four summers refurbed. Wondered what people have paid for a set lately all in (vat tyres balanced etc)

Feedback appreciated

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for wheel refurb? Pristine are good but I'd never use them because their prices always used to be frightening.

I used to use a body shop on the lakes estate (Bletchley) for wheel refurbs if I was getting a set done because they could powder coat, etc at half the price and never once had a bad job. Been a while though so not sure if they're still there.

Oh and its Woburn Sands not Woburn - totally different class of people you know.

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