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Disneyland Paris - upto 30% off


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Just ripped this info off HUKD, in case anyone is thinking of Disneyland Paris this year:

If you are booking a holiday at Disneyland Paris you can book via the French language version of the site for potentially large discounts.

Example today - 2 nights, 3 days at the Davy Crockett Ranch Premium Bungalow, mid March for 2 adults and two children under 12 including park tickets.

UK price - £578 including booking fees

French price - 488 euros including booking fees = £415

For exactly the same stay!!! That's 28% less.

Other examples I looked up same scenario as above:

Disneyland hotel - UK price - £1.069, French price - £759

That's 31% discount!!!

Newport Bay Club - UK Price £640, French Price - £563 (12% less)

This trick was highlighted in the now expired thread: Disneyland Paris - Pay what the French pay - Hot UK Deals

However YOU NOW DO IT ONLINE not by phone - in fact you can ONLY do it online according to the sales rep I spoke to.

The way this works:

Firstly get your UK based price via the disneyland paris website or a travel agent, then:

1) Visit Disneyland® Paris - it will default you to the UK .co.uk site. (Quidco potential 5%)

2) Click 'Change your country' in the navigation bar halfway down the page

3) Choose 'France Ile de France'

4) Go through the same booking process as you would for a UK booking from the home page, use google translate if you need to.

5) When you go to pay it will fill in country ('Pays' in French) as FRANCE automatically. This DOES NOT MATTER. All you have to do is put United Kingdom in the Town box (ville) so it will be 'Dealsville, UNITED KINGDOM'. This is what the official Disney Sales rep told me to do.

6) Complete payment with your card - this is the only stage I can see there being a problem if your card company was over picky but mine has just gone through fine.

So to recap, you no longer phone the English speaking French sales team, you must order online. The address having 'FR' on the end is not an issue because they no longer post you any tickets, you just get the order confirmation code and an email.

I spent over an hour trying to buy this deal on the phone, firstly trying to get the US based UK phone number to forward me (they can't take Euro payments), and then trying to get through to the English Speaking French based sales team. It was the latter who told me you can now just do it online as described above, and that they can no longer take a card payment that doesn't have a French address on a phone order (although I suspect if you pushed they would)

For reference - English speaking French Sales office: +33 (0) 1 60 30 60 53

Be aware of currency conversion fees on your payment card as with any non Sterling deal.

For some dates and hotels you don't save or it's more expensive, but definitely worth checking!

Hope this is helpful. I personally just saved £115 on the price I was about to pay, so thanks to the original thread poster too who pointed out this technique, and I hope the fact it's now online makes it easier for people.

What I just bought - Davy Crocket Premium Bungalow - 4 nights 5 days, 2 adults, 3 kids, including park tickets, UK Price £679, French price £564. Very happy!

Also worth noting the same 2 days and 2 nights free prices apply if booked before end of January on 4/5 night stays up to end March, and free for under 12's ALSO applies until then.

Please post any good savings you find via this thread for others to see.


Also don't forget 5.5% cashback via quidco [Demolisher] (Dammit I forgot when I booked!)

The Danish language offer is free full board for bookings made by end of Jan, may be a good deal for some [emmatthews]

If you are booking and wanted to go to the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show then this deal saves you lots:

Disney Buffalo Bills wild west show 2 adults 1 child £77.86 @ Ticketnet - Hot UK Deals

The top example of 2 nights, 2 adults and 2 kids I gave is even cheaper via the Spanish or Dutch language sites! It's £388!!! Worth checking this too (it was more expensive for the 4 day, five person deal I actually booked thankfully)

Disneyland Paris - Pay what the French pay - revisited - Save up to 30% - Hot UK Deals

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