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My Park Lane BMW experience


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So, after a few weeks of looking around for a new (used) 5 series a car at Park Lane BMW caught my eye. After past experiences of visiting main dealers I wasn’t expecting an overly comfortable or enjoyable experience especially given its ‘location’ – I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Parking isn’t easy so the salesman arranged to meet us and took our car off to one of their nearby car parks. We - wife + 2 kids including our 7m/o in his buggy – then went into the showroom; not the most relaxing combination for car shopping!!.

The showroom is in a bit of a mess as the v. expensive floor they had installed for the Olympic VIP guest collection ceremony wasn’t finished in time and was consequently screwed up during use. The car had been prepped and was waiting in their underground car park for us to view – the salesman referred to it as the ‘bat cave’ and you can probably see why below. Would like to have taken a few more pictures with hindsight. The M6 convertible in metallic purple / blue was a bit special.


Up in the showroom space is limited at the moment due to fixing of the floor – there were only 5 cars on show including a rather nice 535D M sport, M135i and a totally gash M3 wrapped in sliver - perhaps trying too hard for a certain segment of the market!!


The star of the show however was a 50’s 507 that was owned (well, leased) by Elvis – a real stunner ( more info here Elvis Presleys BMW 507 : December 21, 1958). When we got there the car was at the back of the showroom on a display. Toward the end of the day the staff had to manoeuvre the car off the display and into the window. After several attempts (including a gear miselection that saw the car stop just short of the wall) trying to get the car off the display the salesman gave up and one of the girls, complete with high-heels, stepped in and moved it first time. That must’ve hurt especially with the audience it attracted at the shop window!




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err so how was the test drive and potential buying experience? Oh and how high were the heels?

A test drive in that part of town is pretty pointless given how busy and manic traffic is. The buying experience was pleasant in that there was no hard-sales patter. The salesman was polite and straightforward to deal with. I'd have no doubt recommending others to deal with this particular chap which isn't something I often hear myself saying about car salesmen.

And the heels - well lets just say you wouldn't want her walking on your back :P.

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Nice - be interesting to hear what they "lay" on for you. I think all I got when getting mine from Sytner is, errr, a bill. That said, I do like the BMW dealerships. I'm sat in one now, merrily working (surfing) away looking at some rather nice metal. The M department is a bit lacking in stock - just two sold M3s and an M6 outside. Last time I was here they had a superb looking green M3.

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