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Aftermarket rear parking sensors...


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Hopefully about to buy a replacement for the sad and broken bora in the shape of a 57 plate Civic 1.8 Sport but as the rear visibility is a bit crap on them and its going to be the wifes car im thinking about getting some rear parking sensors fitted.

How much should i be looking at paying and is there anything i should look out for in the various different options out there?

Cheers in advance.


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I bought some aftermarket sensors and fitted them to the Mrs' A4 about 5 years ago.

IIRC they were about £35 from eBay and came with the hole saw, etc. I spliced the positive lead into the reverse light cable so they activated when reverse was selected.

I also got some body coloured spray paint and gave each sensor a couple of light coats before fitting.

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Mentioned it on Facebook, but the electromagnetic ones are way easier to fit, no holes, invisible, more reliable (apparently).

One of the sensors on my Galaxy plays up when it's wet, so I can't trust them at the moment, but Ford want fortunes for them, so I'm keeping an eye on Ebay for them.

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Thats the electromagnetic strip ones, they are apparently more reliable and more accurate, they are also the only type you can fit with a tow bar on some vehicles, and you can use them with bike racks etc, as they don't detect objects that move with the vehicle.

They sound good... will have a look now online. +++

These look like the ones your on about.


No holes, discreet and more effective than the 4/5 sensors ones. hmmm...

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