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1994 A8 4.2 for sale : accident damaged - for spares

A8 Chris

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My much cherrished A8 was written off by a BMW 320 skidding on snow, and coming at me broadside. :ffs:

Mostly body damage to front offside quarter, it does include driver's door, which is not immediately apparent from the photo. Damage also to headlamp mounting, undertray, front wheel and steering linkage.

The car is not roadworthy, but will drive itself onto trailer or truck.

Ming blue with light grey interior, it was just coming up to 104k miles. Apart from consumables, it had only needed a fuel pump and wiper linkage arm in all the years since purchase in March 1997. Still very smart and reliable, I had considered keeping it for years to come......

Seeking best offer over the third party insurer's meagre value of £270. Must be worth more than that for the aluminium alone.

Location: Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Contact: Chris 01242 500279 or 07879 898865


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Gutted for you geezer!

I know what a lovely car those beasties are! +++

What next? Another one of a D3?

Fortunately, I already have a 2007 A8L to fall back on. +++

Lucky for the dimwit BMW driver, he did not write that one off. :rolleyes:

A8 Spares: Past experience tells me they only offer the bare minimum.


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*** NOW SOLD***

Was not able to edit my original post with this change to the heading.

Sorry if I mislead talking about value. The £270 to which I referred was a residual scrap value that the Third party's insurer deducted from a higher valuation figure.

I have now sold the car to Twigworth Breakers at Gloucester, so if you need any D2 spares, get in touch with them.

Thanks for all your messages.


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