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Hi - I've been asked by a friend to look into how to share Office docs on the Cloud. Essentially what they need to do is edit Word/Excel docs on a home machine (Mac), save, and have that same doc available on the Cloud to an iPad or other MBP while travelling. I know you can do this on iCloud but this is a question specifically about Microsoft.

Office 365 Home looks like a candidate but it isn't at all clear how the docs are edited on an iPad. All the specs suggest it works on OSX but nothing about iOS.

Anyone got a clue?

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I'm dealing with my London landlady who is 70 so I've got to be a bit gentle. Dropbox - you still need something to read and edit the doc on the iPad don't you? I couldn't find any editors in the App Store.

I did tell her she could of course email herself the files and keep emailing them back to herself but of course editing is the limiting factor. Do I dare install Numbers on her iPad and incur the wrath of someone used to Excel not being able to cope with such a change?

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