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London MCN Motobike Show


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I went yesterday. In at opening time and left 15 mins before it closed. OK you could do it quicker but like last year I took my time and looked at everything I wanted to.

The only disappointment was the Revolution show was nothing like it had been. Still a giggle but it was just some people (admittedly legends!) racing up and down. No stunt show though.

I renewed my insurance there : MCE always do good show deals.

I alos bought my first Rukka suit and a pair of gloves. Fingers crossed they last as expected. The 5 year warranty is a big thing for me as my kit is used all year round everyday.

Also bought some odds and sods, entered loads of competitions and put my name down for a test ride - K1300S - as I've been meaning to for ages.

The two nicest bikes were the Panigale tri-colour and my fave of the show the HP4 Carbon. Not available until 2014 due to troubles sourcing the carbon components.


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Mine is still on track for June/July apparently. A call to the dealer might be in order........:confused:

Mine is now showing as November - bummer. Terrible time to take delivery of a bike too so I've said I rather wait until the following March if that's the case. They are going to do some digging and come back to me next week but I'm thinking it's unlikely that the outlook will get better. Fingers crossed.

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