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Windscreen Insurance?


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Any one know what the situation is if a windscreen needs to be replaced outside your home country?

My XF is insured with Pacifica here in France and there is a card in the pack to call the French equivalent of Autoglass if the windscreen is damaged. There is no information as to what to do if the windscreen was to go whilst visiting the UK. I'm asking 'cos a stone hit the windscreen on the A10 going north from Bordeaux, I couldn't immediately see the damage but on closer inspection there is a 5c size chip right at the top edge of the screen (in the black bit that runs across the top of the screen and down the sides)with 4 spider cracks travelling along the screen from the chip, this screen isn't going to be cheap as it heated and has some sort of sun filter coating used on export models.

As I'm going to be in the UK I would rather get the Jag dealer there to replace it rather than the muppets that tried to replace my Kangoo screen here in France (also insured with Pacifica).

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