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I bottled it

Calm Chris

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There's certain things we always wanted. As a late 70's and all the 80's bike rider I was born for an era of motorcycling that was quite transient.

This was always a dream.


Not the fastest in segment, there were various Japanese bikes of the same or less CC, but the Laverda Montjuic was the one I always wanted and never owned.

More details can be found at Laverda500.cc - Montjuic

Anyway there was one on eBay and I bottled it. With 35k miles a complete rebuild, a spare set of OEM plastics (nose, panels and seat) at the tend of age of 33 it went for £5,800.

I set up to bid, and watched it, at £4k I'd had persuaded myself I'd bid £4250 and then over the final minutes of the process I watched my dream melt away before me.

Maybe it was for the good, but there is a bit of me that is pi55ed with not getting it.

Since only 225 were ever made (special order) via Slater Brothers the UK importer, that value might represent its investment status. I don't know

Owning one as something to pull out for summer runs and shows would have been cool. Legal Db (billed as loudest bike of its day) of the straight through pipes is nice.


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Other than being able to admire the engineering on bikes, they dont interest me at all.

This Used Motorcycle Sales in Ilkley, West Yorkshire - Route65 is a shop near me in Ilkley and regularly have an amazing array of wierd & wonderful machinary on show.

The place has a 50's diner style look to it, great place to gawp in to when stuck in traffic.

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I'm not a bike person but can relate to wanting something that you never had (or maybe could afford) when you were younger. For me, it's a Mk1 Escort RS Turbo. They were way out of my league because of the insurance back in the late 80s/early 90s when I dreamed of owning one and I still look longingly at them. Good ones are like rocking horse crap now (I haven't the time these days to do an Eldavo and do a re-build), hence they can be prohibitively expensive as a play thing. One day though........

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A very good friend of mine had a Jota when they were a current bike. He then put it away. About 10 years ago he and his brother did a full chassis up rebuild and restoration. It sounded glorious in a vintage kind of way. He rode it a few times and then drained it and put it in an air tight bag where it's been ever since. It's in his garage and he occasionally glances at it but he says he gets joy just from the fact he's still got it and he's owned it since new.

I guess he's not too gutted walking past as it mean he's heading for his MV Augusta 312R although more often than not it's the FYR that comes out.

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