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Cambridge Autogleam: New Prices and February PGT forum offer.


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Hello... I had pretty much forgotten about this place until a customer emailed and asked if I was doing my usual winter discount as I've previously posted on here...

So... here it is :)

Having kept the same prices for around 2-3 years, I felt it was time for a review. Machine correction details are taking much longer than they used to, mainly as the level of correction now achieved is much higher with full corrections now often taking 20+ hours. On the other hand Protection details are taking slightly less time so I've dropped these down

Despite the slight increases, I still firmly believe the prices are excellent value when you consider the average hourly rate, the improvement to the car, the increased value / sales potential once the detailing is complete and the price of other companies with the same experience, portfolio and track record of excellent reliable workmanship.

However... for bookings made during whats left of February I will honor the old prices where they are cheaper.

Used Car Protection detail from £250 - Saving £50 over old price

New Car Protection detail from £250 - Saving £50 (This hasn't actually changed in price but have £50 off anyway)

Enhancement detail from £350 - Saving £50 over the new price (Ok I took another £20 off to make a nicer saving)

Correction detail from £500 - Saving £100 over the new price

(Bookings must be made before midnight on Thursday 28th Feb and secured with a £50 deposit per car. Actual detail can be carried out any time before March 29th. Bookings can be made Mon-Fri on a first come first served basis. Travel charged at 35p per mile for the round trip from CB1 and accommodation at cost price (usually £30 per night) where the job will run over consecutive days and is more than 60 mins travelling time each way. Alternatively I often stay with customers in guest/spare rooms.)

For full details on the services we offer, please visit our services page at Services - Cambridge Autogleam: Car Detailing and Paint Correction Specialists

Please also take time to view our massive portfolio of work to see just what a transformation we can achieve. Portfolio - Cambridge Autogleam: Car Detailing and Paint Correction Specialists

Thanks for looking and any questions please ask.

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