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Which one?


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My mate is looking at one of these two for his mrs:




Golf is coming out £750 cheaper after negotiations, etc. his head says golf his heart says a3.

Thought I'd seek the "professional" opinions of the TSN massive?

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Sorry about the delay in response, I looked at those two and dozed off for a bit.... :)

Does he really want to spend that much money on something so dull, even if it's for his wife?

They might be nearly new, but that's quite a chunk of cash - and he'll end up driving it from time to time....

What about surprising her with a Mini convertible?

Or a 10 plate GTI?

A3 Cabriolet?

Do they need space for kids?

Z4 roadster?


I couldn't bring myself to part with my hard earned for either of those, it would make me cry a bit and I'd resent the car for the rest of its days, having quickly realised the error of my ways.


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I do understand how something almost new that feels solid and reliable and so on is worth the cash to those who aren't interested in exciting transport.

So on the basis this isn't, and shouldn't be, a heart decision I'd go for the Golf. Newer, better, probably depreciate less, cheaper to buy, probably cheaper to run.

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Predictably, I'd go for the Sportback. I still love driving our family Sportback despite the fact I have my S4. The interior is lovely, the Sport seats are great, and you can actually get the seat lower in the A3 than in the S4. The one above may not be mega spec, but its a Sport so has the gorgeous sports seats, its a trim level (or two) above a Match isn't it?

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