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vw passat 2002 tdi problems ccu alarm int lights


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Help !!! first thank you to this site ... we had random car alarm going off and battery drain ... fiquired out from this site it might have something to do with the ccu under the passangers foot well .. carpet wet and some water had got into unit dryed it out .. reconnected . we have one clear wire that has come away from the multi plug and we cant seem to reconnect it ... other problem is the alarm when we lock the doors either with key or fob the indictore lights to not flash to show locked red light still works on the door knobs .. interior lights do not turn on when doors opened but are working if switched across to on poistion ... we have trawled the net to try and find a wiring diagram for the ccu to tell us what the loose wire is but cant not find one at all ....... can any one help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... my partner has connected it temp by holding it in but seems to make no difference to lights alarm etc .... ....... would be really gratefull for any help ........ do we need to get the ccu unit reconnected to car as its been disconnected and how would we do that .....

thanks x

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